A fully funded volunteering and work opportunity at the United Nations with a monthly stipend for 2022


Details of volunteering and working at the United Nations:

Countries available for application: All countries of the world are available to apply.
Study stage: Available for all academic levels, including students, graduates, and diplomas.
Funding: The opportunity is fully funded
Application Deadline: Open all year round.

What is volunteering?

Volunteering is defined as dedicating time and effort to do work that serves the community, the environment, or individuals outside the immediate family. It is an act that a person does freely and willingly. Moreover, the most important characteristic of voluntary work is that it does not focus on material gain. In most cases, people do voluntary work without any compensation.

Fields available for volunteering:

The organization provides real and valuable opportunities for everyone who wants to work in it or volunteer with its various organizations. The organization offers a variety of programs that include a large number of volunteer opportunities and jobs preceded by workshops for planning and career development in the various fields of work of the organization, which include:
Information systems and communication technology.
areas of law.
Public information and external relations.
Conference management.
Safety and security.
Politics, security and peace.
Administration and Operations Support.
Economic and social development.

Those accepted into funded volunteer opportunities at the United Nations will receive:

1- Monthly allowance
2- Free accommodation
3- Medical health insurance
4- travel tickets

Types of volunteering and work in the United Nations:

1- Local Volunteering

Local volunteering is considered one of the most valuable and valuable tools for the United Nations, especially at the level of the local community, given the support and development provided by volunteers to various community institutions, in addition to the rapid access to the most needy people.

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Local Volunteer Conditions:
That the local volunteers be citizens of their countries, or legal residents in the country under the name of refugees, or have a residence permit.
The minimum age for local volunteers is 22, and there is no upper age limit for a volunteer.
The educational level required for most volunteer opportunities is a professional diploma, or a bachelor’s or master’s degree, but some community volunteer opportunities require only a high school diploma.
All local volunteers must be proficient in the local language in writing and reading, and must be able to communicate in one of the languages ​​in which the United Nations operates: English, French or Spanish.
Local volunteers must be committed to volunteering principles, respect the spirit of difference and accept working in a multicultural environment.
They must have the ability to adapt to change, and sometimes to difficult living and working conditions.

2- Volunteering abroad

International volunteerism is a unique opportunity through which volunteers promote peace and development in societies around the world. Volunteering abroad allows you to learn about different cultures, expand your network of relationships, master a new foreign language, and gain unparalleled professional and life experiences. It is actually an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and discover your potential.

Conditions for volunteering abroad:
Unlike local volunteering, volunteering abroad requires professional skills and distinguished competencies in various areas of life. The main eligibility requirements for volunteering abroad are as follows:

The minimum age for volunteers abroad is 25 years and there is no upper age limit for volunteers.
A university degree or technical diploma is required.
Professional experience of at least two years.
Good knowledge of one of the Organization’s working languages: English, French or Spanish.
Commitment to the values ​​and conditions of volunteer work.
The ability to adapt to difficult living conditions and mobile living quarters.
Have good communication skills and a sense of organization.


Files required for submission:

Letter of intent.

How to apply for a job:

Click on the link below
Choose the volunteer opportunity that is right for you.
Register and fill in your information.

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