Free volunteering opportunity in Europe, Poland (fully funded)


Scholarship Details:

  • Country: Poland.
  • Donor: Super Heroes Volunteers.
  • The academic stage: all academic levels including students and graduates.
  • Duration of volunteering: 10 months and a starting date is arranged between you and the institution in case you are accepted.
  • You do not need a language proof certificate.
  • There is no maximum age
  • Deadline for submission / February 1, 2021.

Training Objectives (Topics)

– It is long-term volunteering where we combine activities for nature with the help of the local community. In this project, you can become a superhero!

1. Work related to the community – organizing small festivals throughout the area – volunteers will use the truck to reach the small places;

2. Organizing meetings and workshops in schools and kindergartens;

3. Work related to the institution’s building and the surrounding area. – Care for a permaculture garden; – Organize the area according to the season. – Works related to some finishing works in the building; Creative daily work.

4. Assistance in the events organized and hosted by the Foundation. 5. Follow your thoughts and passions.

Training features (fully funded)

1. Air tickets from your country to Poland.

2. It covers all training and volunteering expenses free of charge.

3. Free resident of the institution building.

4. A monthly salary of 800 PLN.

5. All costs, internal transportation, and additional expenses for leisure travel.

6. Staying in Poland allows you to enter all countries of the European Union without a visa.

7. Health insurance.

Required documents

1. Fill out the opportunity application.

2. Upload your CV.

3. Writing a letter of intent (the reasons that prompted you to apply for this opportunity).

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How to apply

(Online by filling out the opportunity application and uploading the required papers with it) /

1. An account is created on the European Youth Portal.

2. Enter the opportunity and press the APPLY button.

To apply here:

official website

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