Turkey Bilkent University Scholarships Bachelors 2021 full funded


About Bilkent University

Bilkent University is recognized and ranked internationally as the premier institution of higher education in Turkey. Located in the country’s capital city Ankara, a vibrant metropolis of 4.5 million, the university serves as a hub of academic, social, and cultural activity.

Bilkent University Details

  • University: Bilkent University in Turkey
  • Course Level: ’s program
  • Nationality: All nationalities are eligible
  • Place of study: Turkey
  • Funding: – Partial Funding
  • Study language: English
  • Language certificate: not mandatory
  • ApplicationLine:  15 February – 10 July

Funding offered:

Funding is provided to outstanding students in the form of an exemption for fees and university housing as follows:

RankPercent of tuition
First 1%100%
Second 1%80%
Third 1%60%
Fourth 1%40%
Fifth 1%20%

Bilkent University Majors

Undergraduate Programs


Department of Architecture
Department of Communication and Design
Department of Fine Arts
Department of Graphic Design
Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture


Department of Management


Department of Economics
Department of International Relations
Department of Political Science and Public Administration
Department of psychology


Department of Computer Engineering
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Department of Industrial Engineering

Department of American Culture and Literature
Department of Archaeology
Department of English Language and Literature
Department of PhilosophyFACULTY OF SCIENCEDepartment of Chemistry
Department of Mathematics
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Department of Physics


Department of Music


Information Systems and Technologies
Tourism and Hotel Management

Eligibility criteria

  1. Prospective students who apply for financial assistance are evaluated according to their high school grades, their national and/or international exam scores, their program choices, and other relevant academic criteria.
  2. Qualified applicants are offered partial or full tuition waiver . Tuition waiver scholarships are awarded at five levels, ranging from 20% to 100% in increments of 20%. Accommodation scholarships may be available for a limited number of top students who are on full tuition waiver scholarships.
  3. Students can benefit from tuition waiver scholarships for a maximum of 4 semesters in the English Preparatory Program and for a maximum of 10 semesters in 4-year undergraduate programs. Accommodation scholarships are provided for up to 8 semesters.
  4. Students on scholarship are required to take at least the minimum course load* from their curriculum specified for their major department each semester (excluding additional courses, any minor program courses, withdrawn courses**, GE100, GE251, and non-credit courses) and to maintain a minimum Annual-GPA*** of 2.00/4.00. English Preparatory Program students are required to qualify to take the ECA or PAE exam at the end of each course or pass PAE by the end of the academic year. Scholarships of students who fail to meet these conditions will be decreased one or two levels and cannot be restored even if the students improve their performance. If there are no Fall or Spring semester courses within the Annual-GPA, students with less than 2.00 are given a warning; if these students fail to meet the required conditions at the end of the following year, their scholarships will be decreased by two levels.
  5. Students on accommodation scholarships are required to maintain a minimum Annual-GPA of 2.50/4.00. Students who fail to meet this condition will lose their accommodation scholarship. If their Annual-GPA is less than 2.00, their scholarship will be decreased by two levels.
  6. Attendance to all lectures and academic activities is mandatory for all scholarship students, even if the course instructor does not take formal attendance or specify a minimum level of attendance. In case of poor attendance, scholarships may be temporarily suspended at any time.
  7. If a scholarship student is subject to disciplinary action, his/her current scholarship may be reduced or canceled depending on the disciplinary offense and the sanction imposed.
  8. Students who participated in exchange programs for one or two semesters are required to take and pass a number of courses equal to their minimum course load.
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* The minimum course load depends on the department. This information can be found in SRS (https://stars.bilkent.edu.tr/srs/) under “Information Card” and “lower limit”.

** Students who are taking the minimum course load each semester may withdraw from at most one course during an academic year.

*** The Annual-GPA is calculated as a weighted average of Fall and Spring grades. The sum of the Fall and Spring semester grade points are divided by the sum of the Fall and Spring semester credits. If a course that was taken in the Fall semester is repeated in the Spring semester, then both grades are included in the Annual-GPA calculation.

Students who obtain Turkish citizenship at a later date will lose their eligibility for international student scholarships

Merit Scholarship

At the end of each academic year, international students who have taken at least a minimum curriculum course load (excluding any additional courses, withdrawn courses, GE 100-250-251, non-credit courses, and repeated courses in Spring, already taken in Fall semester) and attained an annual grade point average of 3.30 or above, as well as being in the top 5% of all the non-scholarship students in their program, may become eligible to receive a merit scholarship for the following academic year. To become eligible for a merit scholarship, an international student must rank at a level higher than their current partial tuition waiver scholarship level.

How to Apply?


This Fall Bilkent University welcomes you to join an exceptional learning environment that will fulfill your academic ambitions and desire to experience cultural diversity at its richest.

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Apply now and become a member of a worldwide ranked university in Turkey that attracts the brightest students from all around the world with its renowned scholars and top-notch facilities.

2021-2022 Academic Year Fall Semester applications will be open between 15 February – 10 July 2021:

Online Application Form

Bilkent University accepts international qualifications listed below and a wide range of national qualifications listed here for study in our undergraduate programs.

Reasoning Test: A minimum score of 900 out of 1600 in “Math” and “Critical Reading” sections.
Subject Test: A minimum score of 500 out of 800 from minimum two sections related to the applied program.

GCE Advanced Level (General Certificate Education),
Cambridge International A Level:

Minimum three A level subjects in particular area of the applied program with at least “C” grade.

For 5 (five) subjects:
a) 2 (two) A levels + 3 (three) O levels
b) 2 (two) A levels + 1 (one) AS level + 2 (two) O levels
For 4 (four) subjects:
a) 3 (three) A levels + 1 (one) O level

International Baccalaureate (IB):
A minimum diploma score of 28 out of 45. Mimimum one HL subject related to the applied program.

International Science Olympiads:
Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal holders in International Science Olympiads recognized by TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey)

Students who are admitted to the University will be asked to provide the original copies of all the documents submitted with their application. Bilkent University reserves the right to verify the validity of exam scores.

Official Website:

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