King Saud University Scholarship 2021 | Fully Funded



King Saud University is ranked 287 in the world according to the QS classification, and ranked 6 among Arab countries.

The door has been opened to apply for the fully-funded King Saud University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for international students to study a ’s degree in – all majors offered by the university for the academic year -2022.

details of King Saud University Scholarship

  • For all those who have a high school diploma (undergraduate – bachelor degree).
  • -No submission fee, totally free.
  • Does not require a language certificate.Submission in Arabic and certificates as well – the complete form in Arabic.
  • Age from 17-25 years.


(electrical engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering, civil engineering, surveying engineering, mechanical engineering, petroleum and natural gas engineering, computer science, information systems, software engineering , Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Architecture and Planning, Architecture and Building Sciences, Urban Planning, Science, Mathematics, Biochemistry, Botany , Chemistry, Microbiology, Physics, Statistics, Geology, Geophysics, Operations Research, Animal Science, Science in Agricultural Engineering, Applied Economics, Animal Production, Food Science and Human Nutrition, Plant Production Sciences, Plant Protection, Economics, Islamic Banking, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management Information Systems, Administration, Arabic Language, Media, History, Geography, English, Sociology, Social Work, Information Science, Qur’anic Studies, Islamic Studies, Psychologist, Readings, Legal, English and Translation, Language French and translation, Chinese language and translation, Spanish language and translation, Hebrew language and translation, Russian language and translation, German language and translation, Japanese language and translation, Turkish language and translation, Persian language and translation, tourism and archeology, heritage resource management and extension Tourism, tourism and hotel management, sports sciences and physical activity, sports and recreational management, physical fitness, sports training)

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Advantages of Scholarship

The external scholarship includes the following benefits:

1. Health care for him and his family members in the event that they are brought in to reside with him, similar to that provided to citizens.

2. Paying a two-month bonus for a processing allowance upon his arrival. 3. Payment of a three-month bonus for graduation allowance for shipping books.

4. Exemption from tuition fees.

5. Providing the educational institution with reduced meals for him.

6. Providing adequate housing, scientific, social, cultural, and training care. 7. A free airline ticket in case of acceptance of the scholarship, as well as a free airline ticket at the end of each academic year according to the specified guidelines.

Eligibility Criteria and Application Conditions:

  • To be an international student from outside the Kingdom.
  • Obtaining a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • The applicant’s age should not be less than (17) years and not more than (25) years.
  • Not obtaining another scholarship from a Saudi educational institution.
  • – Authentication of certificates and identity papers from the official authorities in the country of the applicant and the approval of the Saudi Cultural Attaché.
  • – He must be with the applicant a mahram in accordance with the instructions regulating this, provided that he is covered by a grant or has a regular residence, or is on the register of an employer in need of his services.
  • – To pass the medical examination approved in the Kingdom.

Papers and documents required for submission

  • A copy of the ID (ID card – or passport).
  • A copy of the secondary school certificate A copy of the academic record.
  • (Transcript of grades).
  • A copy of the birth certificate.
  • Certificate of good conduct (from the student’s high school).
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Deadline for submission

Application to the scholarship is open for a full month, starting from January 1, 2021, to January 31, 2021

how to apply:

1. Submission is done by pressing the “New Submit” button.

2. After filling in your personal data, the data will be completed, the form will start, the rest of the data will be completed, the specializations are coordinated, and the required documents will be submitted.

# Important notice: You can apply yourself by following the video presentation explanation on our YouTube channel from here / You can apply yourself by following the explanation provided, or you can apply through our team through our form below.

The official announcement of the scholarship and available majors:

You can submit a registration request through the following link:

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