Taibah University scholarship undergraduate KSA fully funded



It is the academic seat that a student (male or female) obtains from outside the Kingdom to study at the university regularly.

Scholarship Details

  • Country: KSA
  • Provider : Taibah University
  • Level of study: undergraduate
  • Fund Type: Fully-Funded
  • Application fees: Free
  • Deadline: 31/8/

Scholarship Benefits

  • Tuition fee exemption
  • Monthly salary
  • medical insurance
  • Airline tickets

Conditions of Foreign Grants Acceptance:

  •  A student should achieve acceptance conditions for non-Saudi, published in
    University Admission Guidebook which can be read once it is uploaded to the university
    website. Students granted Secondary school certificate from outside the kingdom are
    not required to examine abilities test or achievement test when they are accepted for
    scholarship in the university.
     Student age should not be less than (17) and not more than (25) years old for
    University stage.
     Student’s Country Government should approve study in the Kingdom for
    countries that stipulate this for Saudi students.
     The student should not be granted another scholarship by any educational institutions
    in the Kingdom.
     Certificates and documents should be certified by Saudia Embassy and in case of
    absence of Saudia Embassy in student’s country; he/she has the right to certify his/her
    documents from the nearest Saudia Embassy neighboring to his/her country.
     A student should present precedents clearance certificate issued by security systems
    of his/her country.
     A student should not be dismissed by any educational institutions of the kingdom.
     A female student should have accompanied by an invariable person, according to
    instructions organizing that, but he should have a grant or regular residence or should
    be recruited by an employer who requires his services.
     A student should pass medical tests obligated by systems and instructions.
     The counterbalance of GCSEs from (Counterbalance Committee) in General
    Administration of Exams & Admission at Agency of Ministry for Education, Ministry
    of Education, .
     Documents required to be uploaded on the website (for a foreign grant)
     In case of receiving requests for foreign grants to the University of Taibah, the

required documents

  • documents required to be uploaded on the university website (once it is activated) are:
  • Copy of GCSEs certificate or what is counterbalanced outside the
    kingdom, the certificate should be issued by a governmental school or a school
    of a certificate (equivalent) at the Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi
    Arabia. GCSEs certificate should not be granted before three years.
  • Copy of degree statement for secondary education (first, second and
    third academic years).
  • Authentication of Certificates and degree statement of academic
    stages of secondary education by the following authorities in student’s
    countries; administration of examinations – Ministry of Education –
    Ministry of Exterior Affairs – Saudi Cultural Missions.
  • Copy of valid passport, its validity should not be less than six months.
  • A recent medical report providing that all organs and senses are
    normal and that there are no infectious diseases, issued by a certified
    Medical Center, and approved by the Saudia Arabia Embassy.
  • Certificate of Converting to Islam (if not a Muslim by birth)
  • Each document written in non-Arabic language should be attached
    with its translation Arabic, certified by an authorized translation office and
    by Embassy of Kingdom of Saudia Arabia.
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General Instructions for the Admission of Scholarship Students

  • The study at Taibah University for Muslim students only.
  • Health specialties are restricted on Saudi students
  • Colleges and specialties available for admission into the University
    are provided in University Admission Guidebook.
  • Conditions of admission into colleges and specialties are shown in the
    University Admission Guidebook.
  • Transfer requests from a university into another are restricted on the
    the request of the university to which the student will be transferred, in
    restricted limits and for special reasons considered by the university.
    However, this should be referred to the Ministry of Higher Education to act
    upon ensuring that the student will continue in his/her same specialty.
  • The scholarship student is obligated with all lists, regulations and
    instruction applicable in the university.
  • The university has no offices or agents anywhere in the world to
    receive admission requests of study in the university.
  • Students should introduce by him/themselves for study the university
    website and should bear the responsibility for saving electronic numbers given
    to him/her for receiving services once the request introduction completed.
  • Students should know both Arabic and English.
  • It is conditioned for admission to “Quranic Recitations” Specialty,
    complete memorization of Quran or not less than ten Juz’a.
  • For admission into (Special education, Technical Education, Physical
    education & Sport sciences, “Al-Qira’at”, Languages & Translation, and
    Educational Diplomas) specialties, the student is required to pass personal
  • Electronic submission of admission application doesn’t mean any
    the commitment of Taibah University to admitting a student.
  • Information registered in the electronic request is not adopted unless
    they are attached with documents verifying them.
  • Taibah University will determine educational institution where the
    a student admitted after his/her arrival and after the personal interview
    according to regulations of the university.
  • The student admitted to the university will bear the liability of knowing
    and following the study system and regulations.
  • All electronic pledges, acknowledgment, and warnings found in
    student’s file are obligating student same as other documents, and student
    should bear responsibilities of periodic checks through a user name and
    password dedicated for him/her, as well as all electronic instructions, done
    by the student via his/her user portal.
  • In case of student admission, he/she must bring original documents
    certified by the Saudi Embassy.
  • In case of the absence of the Saudi Embassy in the student’s country, he
    must attest his documents from the nearest embassy in neighboring
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How to apply

you can apply online directly through following link

There are no offices or agents for the university anywhere in the world to receive applications for enrollment
To study at university.
The university does not charge fees for applicants.
Deanship of Admission and Registration – Vice Deanship for Admission and Information Affairs, Grants Unit
Study – the main campus of the university – in front of the public library, building No. (13)

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