Chinese government scholarship 2021 (fully funded)


Scholarship Details:

  • Country: China
  • Level of study:
  • Deadline: March 31, .
  • Specializations_available:
  • Medicine, engineering, science, agriculture, fine arts, economics, business administration, law, administration, education, history, literature, philosophy, etc.
  • All countries are eligible to apply.
  • It is possible to apply without a language certificate.

Scholarship Features:

  1. Undergraduate / Bachelor’s program CSC scholarship: RMB 2,500 monthly stipend, free tuition, and free accommodation
  2. CSC Scholarship for MS / Master Program Students: CNY 3000 RMB per month, free tuition, and free room
  3. PhD / Doctoral Program students CSC scholarship: CNY 3,500 monthly stipend, free tuition, and free room

Required Documents :

1- Statement of grades and graduation certificate (the last academic qualification obtained by the student) – it must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  1. Recommendation letters:
    International students are required to send two recommendation letters from their tutors.
    Ask two of your teachers to offer you a service by writing letters of recommendation for you for the CSC Scholarship application and uploading them to the CSC portal (it is necessary not to send the original letters to the university making a copy of them and then sending them).
  2. Toefl-IELTS or HSK certificates: (not mandatory):
    Students can apply without an IELTS / Toefl or HSK certificate both optional if you have a plus point.
    Students must submit a Certificate of Proficiency in English from Home University. It is a simple certificate that shows that your last degree was taught in the English language and the student can obtain the Certificate of Proficiency in English from their universities. (Almost all universities accept an English language proficiency letter from the university.)
  3. Physical medical examination (medical report or health certificate):
  • Students must download the Physical Examination Form:…/P020180201571562452803.pdf
    Take the medical form for the physical examination to a nearby government hospital and run the tests mentioned in the physical examination form, after completing all the tests the doctor will sign and stamp your photo which must be attached to the physical examination form.
  1. Study plan / research proposal / letter of intent “motivational speech”:
    Undergraduate students should write a letter of motivation.
    Master’s and Ph.D. students should write the research plan.
    Writing the study plan/research proposal/motivation letter. (Summary of Research Paper / Title Page if you publish it for your 2020 CSC application.)
  2. Passport:
    Apply for a passport if you don’t have it now and make sure you have it at the time of submitting your CSC scholarship application.
  3. Personal photo: A photo with a blue or white background is required.
  4. A police clearance certificate (forensic tape, chips, and simulation) – can be submitted later:
    Students can apply without a police permit certificate, but at the time of visa processing, the student must submit a police permit document from the city/city police station to ensure that there are no criminal records.

Other supporting documents:

  1. Acceptance letter: start by email to professors for admission. Find the profile of professors related to your field of work in the university you want and send them emails. Please do not copy the e-mail from others and make it your own.
    Many Chinese universities have preferred that the applicant be an applicant who has an acceptance letter from a university teacher where he/she applies and some universities do not have admission letter requirements, but if you have an acceptance letter, this is a good symbol for you.
    How to obtain an acceptance letter:
    Find out if the Chinese university you want supports the CSC Scholarships
    Find out the list of faculty members of the target university/universities.
    Find professors matching your field of work and email it for an acceptance letter.
    If you are applying for a top-ranking university/universities, you should try to get the acceptance letter, it will be preferred for you. If you are applying to a university with a limited quota of seats, also try to get the acceptance letter, it will be preferable for you.
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV): A professional CV 1-2 pages.
  3. Experience letter (for people who have joined the labor market): Certificate of professional experience from the organization you work with.
  4. Any other supporting certificates (voluntary, social, awards, etc.) certificates.
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How to apply in detail:

Note: Students must follow the following procedure to submit an application with all the documents mentioned above.
Students must apply on the CSC application website and university admission application portal.

  • Apply on the CSC application website: Note – Firstly apply the CSC application form and print it after sending it to the csc portal, take the print mark on it with the date and scan again to download in the university application portal)
    Applying to the University Admission Portal: Note – You must download the CSC application form signed on the University’s application portal).
  1. Apply on the CSC Application Portal (the CSC website listed below):
    Step-by-step application procedures to apply for a Chinese government scholarship on the CSC application portal. Scan all documents required above in soft form and start the application as shown below.
    CSC application steps:
    01- Create your profile and CSC scholarship account on the web:
    After logging in, fill in your personal information and then select the category or scholarship type – and select the program category A, B.
    The difference between them /
    GSC Scholarship Category A
    GSC Scholarship Category B.
    GSC Scholarship Category C.
    For the first category (A), for applying for the Chinese scholarship through the Chinese embassy in your country, and it is for all levels of study (Bachelor, Master, PhD) But the GSC Scholarship Category B is applied through the Chinese universities participating in the scholarship (for masters and PhD students).
    Important note: There is what is known as the agency number or agency number, which is a very important number depending on the selected category you obtain, for example if you choose the category A you can obtain the identification number from the embassy of your country, but if you choose the category B, each university has an identification number Of its own. After obtaining it, you use it to apply for the scholarship, so it is very important.
    02- Find the agency number of the Chinese University where you want to study from the university website.
    03- Enter your Chinese university agency number in the CSC Scholarship Online Application Form and a form that automatically shows the university’s name on the form.
    04- Fill in your personal information in the Personal Information section.
    05- Fill out your education and employment in the Department of Education and Employment History.
    06- Fill out the Lanugage Mastery and Study Plan in the Lanugage Mastery and Study Plan section.
    07-Fill in other contact details in other contact details section.
    08- Upload all the required documents in the document support sections.
    09- Apply for the CSC scholarship online
    10- Download the CSC Scholarship application form online, sign it and scan it.
  2. Applying to the university admission portal:
    Step-by-step application procedures to apply for the Chinese government scholarship. Apply now on the university application portal. Scan all documents required above in soft form (with signed CSC application form) and start the application as shown below.
    University application steps:
    01- Find the university applications portal online and create your university profile
    02- After logging in, click on the online application from the list and select the admission application under the Chinese government scholarships.
    03- Fill in all required information on the application form.
    04- Upload all the required documents in the document support sections.
    05- Submit your application online on the university admission portal.
    Notes :
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Important points for the 2020 Chinese government scholarships application:
01- Find out if that Chinese university requires online admission application only, application by mail or both.
02- If they want you to submit an online application for admission to that particular Chinese university,
03- Apply online first on the CSC portal then their website and attach your CSC scholarship form in that university’s online application system.
Review your application before submitting it.
04- Submit your application and do not make any set of documents (according to the university’s requirements) and send it to the university’s address via any postal agency. (It is advised to choose a reliable courier service to send the CSC scholarship application documents directly to that Chinese university’s address so that they arrive in a timely manner.)
05- The Chinese Government Scholarships sponsor international students once a year in all Chinese universities

Official links:

  • Agency numbers for Chinese universities: here
  • Medical report: here
    Applying for the scholarship: here
  • The official scholarship website and details of it: here

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